Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ice Scramble Nag Level Up Na!

When I was a kid, I loved to buy ice scramble that can be bought from a portable food cart (the ones that can literally go anywhere) usually seen right beside our local basketball court. The ice scramble back then is simply a flavored crushed ice topped with powdered milk and hershey's syrup served in a little yellow plastic cup. It's a refreshing affordable treat that long ruled Manila streets. Fast forward, today this popular yummy treat has completely glamed up - nag level up na!

Php17 Ice Scramble from Icebreaker

Now it is more attractive and sanitary looking, still cheap but even more delicious. Customers are also given the option to choose from an array of colorful toppings being served along with powdered skimmed milk and syrup. Back then, I would munch over this during school events and in between my afternoon play time outside. Now I'm enjoying this when malling. You see, it does not only sell comfort food but also happy childhood memories. How about you, have you ever been a fan of ice scramble? 

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