Friday, January 21, 2011

My Free Brownies from BDO

pre-packed brownies from Brownies Unlimited
As part of BDO's holiday treat to its credit card users, they're giving away free one value 12-Pak of pre-assorted brownies from Brownies Unlimited worth Php142 for each single BDO credit card slip worth P3,000 or for accumulated BDO credit card slips worth P3,000 of at least P1,000 per charge slip.

Brownies Unlimited 12 Pak
Was able to get this free pack last Wednesday. So far, I feel good owning a credit card. While some people may prefer to stay away from it, scared of being drown to debt, I guess I've learned a lot of pros and cons from my mom's long love-and-hate relationship with her credit card back then. I'm enjoying lots of perks but I also make sure to pay everything in full before my payment due. And it's great they're giving away brownies for free cause we love munching these guys especially the rocky road flavor.


  1. wow, nice i'm not aware with this i am using BDO credit card too .. thanks for sharing i love brownies :)

    By the way i am promoting my new blog have time to check it HERE thanks a lot :)

  2. thanks for dropping by Mona. Do save all those charge slips you have. By the time you receive your billing be sure to read their current promos and you might just get yourself a free delicious treat! :)


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