Monday, December 13, 2010

Whitney Miller Wins America's first ever Master Chef

A few days ago, I was able to catch the finale episode of Master Chef USA Season 1 on the Lifestyle Network. I was truly amazed at Whitney Miller. This 22 years old lass, youngest of all the competitors, surprisingly won the title as America's first ever Master Chef. I love watch her cook, her vibrant personality in the kitchen and how she makes a simple dish and adds high quality flair to them. Watching her cook really inspires me a lot to get myself in kitchen more often and experiment on different dishes.

She sure proves that even a simple young country girl can withstand difficult challenges and come out as a winner at the end.

Watch the video below as the judges announced the winner.


  1. she was the best ^^ btw love your blog, food :)

  2. Thanks Cristina. I agree, Whitney Miller did an amazing job in the end.

  3. Yeah.. She is really great in cooking :)


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