Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Poach Egg

I must admit, this is my first time to try cook poached eggs. Most of the time, I do sunny side up, boiled and scrambled. Whitney Miller is such an inspiration, after watching her during the finale of MasterChef, I decided to cook poach eggs Whitney Miller style!

Poached eggs
Like Whitney, I also did the swirls and I'm really satisfied with the outcome. That was a great technique. Not bad for a first timer.
Whitney Miller's Eggs Benedict with Asparagus on Crispy Grit Cake (photo courtesy of FOX)
But instead of doing Whitney's eggs benedict with asparagus on a crispy grit cake , I decided to go Filipino with the classic favorite Pinoy Hotsilog. :) And yes, that's way easier!

Watch how Whitney Miller cooked her poached eggs, one of the three classic dishes requested by the judges, beating fellow MasterChef contestant Lee Knaz.


  1. wee! i like your poached eggs! I envy you, i've been thinking of making one since I have watched that episode...

  2. I encourage you to try making one Melai. Regardless of the outcome, learning to poach eggs is quite fun. My first try (post above) was great but my next tries weren't pretty good. I learned it takes practice to really come up with good looking poached eggs.

  3. What did you use to scoop out the eggs from the water? Because if a spoon it might break?

  4. @ ceemee: I used a stainless steel ladle to scoop the eggs. :)


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