Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to properly use your Tefal Pressure Cooker

Yesterday mom bought out another amazing cookware from Tefal - the Clipso Easy Pressure Cooker. It features one hand locking and opening system, a triple layer sandwich base that guarantees an even heat distribution, 5 independent safety devices, ergonomic in design, high quality stainless steel, the nutrients and aroma stays in the ingredients and does not dispersed around home, aside from stovetop it is also suitable for induction.

The manual suggested some recipes to make. More importantly all Tefal owners should keep in mind these tips on the proper use of Tefal Pressure Cooker:
1. Supervise carefully during use especially with children around.
2. Do not leave food in the Pressure Cooker.
3. Never use bleach or chlorine cleaning products.
4. Do not use a sharp or pointed object.
5. Replace the lid seal once a year.
6. The Pressure Cooker must only be cleaned once it's cool and empty.
7. To move the Pressure cooker, only use the two handles.
8. Never undo screws situated on the inside of the lod.

Follow these simple tips and your beloved Tefal cookware will surely last a long time!
Tefal Clipso Easy Pressure Cooker
For some Frequently Asked Questions you may visit their website at

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