Friday, October 1, 2010

Recipe: Marinating Inihaw na Liempo

When I visited our province last summer, I got the chance to help Ate Mechie prepare her most requested barbeque. I helped her marinate the pork in time for the next day's event - the opening of my uncle's newest Medical building. It was the talk of the day! And I'm glad I had learned her secret!!!

So when I came home after months of pure bliss, I can't wait to try the recipe on my own. So when my mom told me that my uncle and other relatives are coming to visit, I quickly prepared all the ingredients - liempo  style!

1. 1 kilo of Liempo
2. Pepper
3. 1/8 kilo of Brown sugar
4. 1/8 c Del Monte Vinegar
5. 1/4 c soy sauce
6. 1 head garlic
7.  4 ounce of Sprite

These are all the ingredients needed in marinating the liempo. Quick tip: crush the garlic thoroughly using mortar and pestle so as to give that nice kick of spice to the liempo while the brown sugar will bring some sweetness to it. Sprite is the very last ingredient you'll add, it will soften the meat. It's best to marinate this overnight. After that, you're ready to grill!

marinated liempo
home-made inihaw na liempo
My uncles, aunts and cousins loved the liempo. Aunt Lily even asked for the recipe. This recipe is such a big hit and I have to give the credit to the best cook I know so far, Ate Mechie :)

You may also want to check out my marinated porkchop recipe which I promise to smell oh so delicious 

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