Thursday, September 30, 2010

September is Durian Season in the Philippines

"Smells like hell, tastes like heaven", that is probably this fruit's old-time famous line, a brilliant justification for its uncanny smell. Yes, for most people it does smell awful! But don't let the unfriendly scent and its spiky looking round fruit mislead deserves to be tried and best of all tasted! 

Durian from Lake Sebu
It's September once again and a great reason for mom to be merry! Last week, my uncle brought home her most requested pasalubong - Durian! After all, it's durian season once again down south of the Philippines. If mom could just fly back and forth in Mindanao just to feast on her favorite food on earth, she'll do it! Harvested all the way from the family's lake front property in Lake Sebu, these durian fruits are definitely fresh sweet as always.

Wonder how to open a durian? Mom said everything starts with knowing where to place your knife, making sure you will be making the incision at the right spot - look where the line ends (see the picture below). 

Slowly make the incision, making sure you're not cutting it too deep as you might damage your dearest durian!

So for those who haven't seen and tasted a durian before, treat this post like a sneak peak of a must-see movie. After all, Durian is hailed as "The King of Fruits", thus a yearly blockbuster hit to all durian fans out there! :) 

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