Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy Breakfast from Pancake House

Salmon cakes with brown rice tabbouleh
Before embarking on a 5-day incentive trip to Malaysia, our group decided to have our breakfast at the Pancake House in NAIA Terminal 3. We were given a budget of about Php200 each we can use anywhere at the Airport. Wanting to try something new and a healthier meal, I decided to order their Salmon cakes with brown rice tabbouleh, the photo on their menu reminds me of my Fish Frikadelle. Their description goes like this - crunchy salmon cakes topped with alfalfa sprouts, served on a spread of brown rice tabbouleh with dill mayo and chopped parsley priced at P185. Just right within my budget.

Roast Beef Special
Alas, it was too bland for my taste, probably because it has less salt. But I'm glad someone in the group ordered Caramel banana walnut pancakes, now that's heaven on the plate.

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  1. pancake house is Love!! :D their service sucks though, always slow.


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