Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo Meal for Two

Tokyo Tokyo's Bento
After a series of posts about Malaysian dishes, let me share with you my recent lunch date with my youngest sister this time at a Japanese inspired restaurant - Tokyo Tokyo! We dined at their SM Sta. Rosa branch. Ok, I'm not a rice person so the thought of being served with unlimited rice which is fast becoming a famous  marketing strategy of a lot of local food chains today doesn't appeal to me that much - dahil lugi ako! Lol! But my sister insisted!

I simply gave her the money and she took over the ordering process. Before leaving the counter, I asked her to order their coffee jelly which looks pretty appetizing but was recommended to try the fruit jelly, the restaurant's best selling dessert. But no, I'm a coffee addict so I'm gonna try the coffee jelly for Php25. My sister decided to order a bento that's already good for two with pork tonkatsu and fried chicken karaage as the main dishes. When the order arrived, I succumb myself on trying the dessert first, and oops fail! We both didn't like it because it's too bland for our taste. On the other hand, I fell in love with Tokyo Tokyo's Fried Chicken Karaage, the crunch and taste is there. In the end, I only get to finish 2 rice bowls and was already having a hard time eating the entire order. Sabi na lugi ako e

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