Friday, January 20, 2012

Chic-Boy: There's a new chic in town!

Chic-Boy's Lechon Sisig

Hey Mang Inasal, watch out for the new chic in town!

Unlimited Rice, inasal fanatics and college students from Manila area have probably heard and tried this new dine in restaurant offering a not-so-new grilled concept but this one provides a wider range of Filipino inspired menu and better tastier meals. I kept on hearing about Chic-Boy since last year from my cousin who have been telling me to try this another inasal restaurant. Given the fact that there are good inasal-unli rice resto competitions out there, Chic-Boy is still making waves in the food and beverage industry that it has currently grown fast into 71 dine in stores to date and 46 more on the way since it first opened on May of 2010.

Pork Barbecue

Last week, my brother and I tried the newly opened Chic-Boy branch in BiƱan Central Mall, it was my first Chic-Boy experience. Brother ordered a CB3 (Chibog Busog Meal), a 2 pc barbeque with unlimited rice and soup for Php99 while I chose to try their Lechon Sisig with unlimited rice and soup or SS1 (Sizzling Special) also for Php99.  Even without buttered vegetables as the usual side dish, I love their version of sisig which is far more tastier compared with the sisig from Sizzling Plate. Being a girl, I only got to consume two rice which I hardly finished but my brother got to finish 4! I bet this one's better than Mang Inasal :)

It was already a day after when I realized we weren't able to get the turones con leche we ordered and paid for! We're too engrossed with too much joy of eating that we failed to ask for that dessert. Kainis!

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