Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Shakey's Birthday Treat for Mom

Mom celebrated her 55th birthday last week. As a simple birthday gift, I decided to treat her to lunch together with some of my younger siblings before watching the comedy film, Praybeyt Benjamin. Mom ordered a healthy Tuna Caesar Salad and we chose to start with my favorite Cream of Mushroom Soup and a basket of Mojos. We also opted to try some pizza flavors we haven't tasted before and stayed away from pasta and chicken since we'll be having pasta and chicken for dinner.

We chose the Hi Protein Supreme and Pizza Bianca. The former was a little spicy while the latter became an instant favorite. True to its description, Pizza Bianca is not your average pizza, the creamy white sauce added a thick smoother texture, pefect against it's thin crust. It was truly a delight.   
Tuna Salad
Shakey's Mojo's
Hi Protein Supreme Thin Crust Pizza
Cream of Mushroom Soup
The waiter offered us the Shakey's Pizzanatic SuperCard for Php299. It's like Pizza Hut's Palm Card with the free pizza benefit, only the SuperCard is an upgraded loyalty card which has a lot more benefits compared to the Palm Card. The new Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard also act as a discount card that gives 10% discount on cash or credit card purchases, for non-promo items eaten at any Shakey’s restaurant. They're also into reward points. For every 100-peso for dine-in and carry out transactions, one earns 1 point which can be accumulated and used as cash in any Shakey’s restaurant. 

We also got another sweet treat because we dined in exactly on mom's birthday and they gave us a FREE Large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza (which is also part of the SuperCard's benefit) that we claimed for take out since we're all feeling full. And oh, they also gave mom a birthday balloon, sweet! I think I'm gonna be using my new Shakey's SuperCard more often.

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