Friday, November 4, 2011

Jollibee: Grilled Pork Tenders

Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders
I am definitely feeling the competition between Jollibee and KFC. When one new commercial airs, another one from the competition pops out. Interestingly with almost close to similar offer. Jollibee has always thrive in bringing new food offering catering to the Filipino palate, but I guess with the Mang Inasal up their sleeve, they are serving more tatak Pinoy inspired meals. Jollibee's latest dish, Grilled Pork Tenders comes with soy sauce and kalamansi boasts of its tenderness which very much lives up to its claim. However, it felt like I'm just eating tocino like barbeque that's just a little more tender, something to that effect. The dish sells for Php68.

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