Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeding a Healthier Diet

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Last night, I went along with mom to get a doctor's check up. She has been complaining about having constant head pains, it's not severe though but she just wanted to make sure it's nothing serious. Turns out, mom has to take in medicines for her nerves, although the doctor doesn't find anything too serious about her condition and points out some of the pains are pretty natural and simply comes with old age. 

Mom has always been watching her diet and hopes to someday just adapt my grandmother's regular all fish and veggies meals. Aside from taking in fresh fruits everyday and consuming a handful of vitamins and food supplements, I think it's wise to also adapt a gluten-free diet for the whole family.

scharlogo_hires_web.jpeg As I found out, the leader in gluten-free foods Schar has just re-launched some products like the Sub Sandwich Rolls, Ciabatta Rolls and Baguettes. I personally love experimenting with baguettes, baking and topping them with something that's perfect for an appetizer. Further, Schar's gluten-free version offers bread lovers like my brother the perfect partner to his favorite salad and soup.

The Schar Gluten free Sub Sandwich Rolls on the other hand would be perfect school lunch for my other siblings who are still studying as it comes in individually wrapped convenient two-packs for optimum freshness. For a taste of Italy that's fresh from the oven, the new Ciabatta Rolls is the bread to beat.

Schar free sample

So are we ready for a gluten-free diet? I  just signed up with Schar to get exclusive access to their new products, tips, recipe, promotions and to learn more about this kind of diet and maybe soon we'll know. What is clear though is we all should make it a habit to feed on a healthier diet and strive to continuously work for a fitter lifestyle. How about you? Have you tried any of Schar's products?

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