Friday, September 9, 2011

Inasal Joe's Batchoy

I have always been a certified La Paz Batchoy fan ever since I tasted that of Ilonggo Grill. Probably because both parents are Ilonggo's that my palate just quickly fell in love with the dish. I could finish the biggest bowl in one sitting and have tried a lot of other versions from different restaurants. So when my aunt who came to visit from Mindanao wanted to eat batchoy, I quickly ordered one from Inasal Joe (the closest food stall in Shangri-la that serves batchoy). This will be our first try eating at Inasal Joe and their batchoy.
Inasal Joe's Batchoy
Quite frankly it wasn't as satisfying as I would have hoped it to be. Too little stuffing and a little too salty. I hope it's not like that in all f their branches. But so far, Ilonggo Grill's Batchoy tops my list. 

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