Friday, May 27, 2011

6 Beauty Fix You Can Get From Your Cupboard

Running low on cash? Get your beauty fix from products you already have in your cupboard.

Sugar - Add a couple of drops of olive oil to a packet of sugar and gently rub to exfoliate the face and body.

Oatmeal - Exfoliate and whiten the skin with a single serving packet of instant oatmeal mixed with water.

Almond Oil - Sweet almond oil removes makeup and grime and moisturizes extremely dry skin, especially when rubbed directly on trouble spots such as ankles and elbows. Almond paste mixed with hiney or milk also works wonders.

Lemon - A natural acid, lemon juice gently removes dead skin cells and can lighten the darkest spots. Use calamansi as a substitute.

Salt - Rub kitchen salt directly on very tough elbows to exfoliate. Rinse with cool water and don't forget to moisturize!

Milk - Mix a liter of milk with four teaspoons of glycerin and four teaspoons each of powdered borax and baking soda, and you have an instant moisturizer. Refrigerate to get that cool, refreshing sensation. (image source)

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