Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shakey's Monster Meal Graduation Dinner

Last March, two of my siblings graduated from Highschool. It was a great day for all of us, yey no more highschool student!!! After the graduation ceremony, we headed straight home and waited eagerly for Shakey's Monster meal I ordered 5 hours ago (I requested for a 7pm delivery). We were delighted to see the huge servings but was too disappointed when I found out the deliveryman didn't know about my mode of payment so he didn't bring that swipe machine. Well that's bad, I certainly did my part, noting online and thru phone about my preferred payment. I talked to their customer service beforehand and confirmed that I will be paying thru credit card- a disappointing service right there.  And so I paid cash... 
Shakey's monster meal deal
The meal was really good, it certainly satisfied 10 hungry stomachs and the graduates were happy as all food served right before us were what most people would think about comfort food. It certainly was  the most delish monster so far. I just hope the credit card issue won't happen again.


  1. Oh it's really disappointing when the service providers don't listen to their customers. But I love Shakeys anyway! Congrats sa mga graduates niyo! I'll be graduating next monday as well..:)
    Much Love,
    Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

  2. thanks my sassy chef. Congrats to you too. Ok din naman ang pagorder ko online sa website ng pizza hut, they were very quick to call me on phone. yun nga lang sablay sa pagcheck ng mode of payment.

  3. I havent tried ordering the monster pizza yet but thats an idea when I throw a small party next time..

    visiting from the House of Maria


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