Friday, August 12, 2011

Food shopping tips to save more money

Intelligent shopping can save us extra money, time and energy. How well we shop is a test of our skill in judging products and controlling money. Here are some helpful tips I learned in doing the marketing.

1. Create a shopping list
To put the list together, start with your meal plans for the week. From there you can write down the ingredients of each recipe then check if you already have some of those (go over your ref, pantry and freezer). At this stage, keep in mind your family’s low-cost favorites so as not to strain your budget. Also add staples that are running low.

2. Once you’ve made your list, stick to it and stay within your budget. Avoid impulse buying.

3. Buy small or little if you ought to buy new products for the first time, until you decide whether or not it’s satisfactory.

4. When purchasing meat, figure out how many servings you will get per kilo. Half kilo of boneless meat usually serves 4 people. Sometimes their price may seem low, but could actually be expensive if the cut contains large amount of bone and other waste.

5. In buying fruits and vegetables, the largest size is not always the best quality nor the most economical. Buying by weight usually gives you the greatest value.

6. Learn the season
Fruits and vegetables in season, especially if grown in nearby areas are often low in price. They are at their peak in flavor, quality and appearance.

7. Use the store’s saving/discount cards. Always bring these cards, you’ll save a lot in the long run. Don’t hesitate to offer your card if the person paying in front of you doesn’t have a discount card. More than often, they’ll say yes!

8. Buy in bulk – by the dozen, giant sizes, the case. But if the food is perishable, or if you do not have sufficient storage space, buy only what you can reasonably expect to consume within a short time.

9. Look for special prices on purchases of more than one can of the same type of food. Buy such a food if it is one your family enjoys. And remember, no food is a bargain if it goes uneaten.

10. Always bring with you your grocery bag. Some supermarkets offer discounts when you bring your own bag, plus you’ll help save our environment too.

How about you? Share with us some of your shopping tips – those that saves time, money and energy.

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